Ppeak {{isFinite(maxPaw)? roundOff(maxPaw,0):'--'}}
Pplat {{isFinite(maxPalv)? roundOff(maxPalv,0):'--'}}
PEEPa {{isFinite(autoPEEP)? roundOff(autoPEEP,0):'--'}}
TV {{isFinite(DV)? roundOff(DV*1000,0):'--'}}
Vital Signs
HR {{HR}}
BP {{Math.round(currentSBP) + '/' + Math.round(currentDBP)}}
MAP {{Math.round(MAP)}}
SpO2 {{Math.round(currentSpO2)}}
ETCO2 {{Math.round(currentETCO2)}}
Blood Gas
pH {{roundOff(currentPH, 2)}}
pCO2 {{roundOff(currentPCO2, 0)}}
HCO3- {{roundOff(currentBicarb, 1)}}
Controls & Metrics

Ventilator Settings

Patient Characteristics

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