ICU Learning

Sami Safadi, M.D.

The goal of building this site is to provide high-quality learning modules to help learners understand pertinent physiological processes in critically-ill patients.

Please use a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge. The modules work on mobile devices as well, however, some modules don't show very nicely on smaller screens.

Mechanical Ventilation


Positive-pressure mechanical ventilation is a life-saving intervention commonly performed in the intensive care units for patients with respiratory failure. Proficiency in setting up, and monitoring the ventilator is an essential skill in modern intensive care practice.

The app simulates interactions between a patient and a ventilator. Different modes of mechanical ventilation are presented. Clinical scenarios can be simulated by changing the properties of the lungs, and the parameters of the ventilator.

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Video Tutorials

We started creating a series of videos to teach the basics of mechanical ventilation. You can access the videos on youtube by clicking THIS LINK.

Simulator Modules

We are in the process of improving simulator and adding new features to it. The web based simulation app was moved to An invitation is now required to access the app.

You can email us at to request access. Please include your name, Gmail email address, institution/hospital, and the reason for using the app.

Mobile App

A mobile app featuring a simplified version of the simulator is available for Android and iOS devices. The links are provided below.

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Resucitation Ultrasound


resUs is an educational app developed for physicians using resuscitation point-of-care ultrasound to take care of critically-ill patients. It provides hemodynamic calculators and high-quality educational content (cardiac, vascular, visceral ultrasound) in one place.

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I would like to thank my mentors at the University of Maryland, the University of Pittsburgh, and the National Institute of Health for their support, and feedback.

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